Best In Class NFTAutomation

A suite of innovative NFT automation tools for professionals or hobbyists.


Maximize Opportunities & Profits

Auto Sniper

Powered by our advanced real-time listings feed, you can snipe any NFT with highly configurable options whilst you sleep.

Smart Auto Counter Bidder

Highly customisable counter bidder which always keeps your collection or trait bid on top.

Smart Auto Contract Minter

Now it's never been so easy to participate in the battlefield that is hyped public mints. Without a bot, you won't win.

Lightning Fast Private Node

Faster network transactions mean your transaction gets into the mempool faster than anyone else. Any edge is a huge edge.


All In One Toolbox

Monitor Live Activity

Keep track of sales, listings, bids and cancellations in real-time for any collection.

Keep Your Finger On The Pulse

Real-time charts mean you always have the latest data to power your decision making, without having to refresh.


Scan & Snipe NFT's Securely

Not just a simple sniper or a "quick buy" button, but a highly advanced and customisable auto sniper which allows you to snipe in your sleep. We're the fastest and safest auto sniper on the market. Moonpad users are constantly crushing their competition when it comes to high volume collections.

  • Customisable gas settings per task
  • Out-gas any pending transactions
  • Multiple wallet support
  • No metamask message signing required
  • Opensea, X2Y2, Blur marketplaces supported.

Fastest Listings Feed On The Market

Our real-time listings feed give you an edge over other snipers.

Comprehensive Scam Protection

In just 7 days we save our users over 130 ETH from scam listings.

Snipe Multiple Collections

Our tasks based approach allows you to snipe up to 6 collections at once.

Auto Out-Gas The Competition

Automatically adjust your gas settings to outprice any pending transactions on the NFT you're sniping!
Set & Forget Counter Bidding

Innovative & highly customisable "smart" counter bidder allows you to define your maximum bid price and we'll always make sure you're bid is on top..

No Message Signing

No wasting time with signing MetaMask transactions, you can sleep soundly knowing your bid will always be the highest.

Counter Bid Other Offers

Moonpad will constantly monitor for any new bids that match any of your tasks and instantly outbid it.

Trait Based Bidding

Bid on certain traits at different price points, this opens up unique opportunities within collections.

Collection Based Bidding

Easily place collection bids on any collection of your choice.


Own The Public Sale Battlefield

Never miss out on a hyped public mint again. Without a bot, you're ngmi. Simple as that. Moonpad makes it easy to participate, simply enter all the information required into our intuitive interface and let us do the rest.

  • Multiple wallet support
  • Multiple transactions per wallet
  • Individual gas settings per task

"Smart" Minting

If there is a flip state transaction, we send yours with the same gas giving you a much higher chance of avoiding gas wars.

Lightning Fast Transactions

Powered by Moonpad's private node, your transaction will be sent to the mempool much quicker than the competition.

Mint While You Sleep

Configure your tasks, hit start monitoring and that's it. You could sleep, go AFK or go out for dinner!

The Tool You Need For Success

When it comes to minting every edge you have is a huge advantage. Moonpad gives you many edges.


Choose your best plan

Ensure you purchase with the wallet you intend to login with for Moonpad.


Ξ 0.2

Get an entire month free by paying quarterly.

  • All of monthly subscription
  • Private node for Moonpad txns
  • Private node access for MetaMask
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Ξ 0.1/month

Get access to our professional suite of tools.

  • Trending Collections & Analytics
  • Auto Sniper
  • Counter Bidder
  • Auto Contract Minter
  • 3 Tasks Per Feature
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Ξ 0.9/month

Get 3 months free by paying annually.

  • All of monthly subscription
  • Early access to beta features
  • Private node for Moonpad txns
  • Private node access for MetaMask
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Genesis Lifetime Pass

Enjoy extra benefits when holding a lifetime pass.

Genesis Lifetime Pass

Ξ 1.5one-time mint (or purchase on Opensea secondary market)

Get access to our professional suite of tools.

  • All of monthly subscription features
  • Early access to beta features
  • Access to private bots
  • Vote on priority of development work
  • 15 Tasks per feature
  • Auto out-gas pending transactions on the Auto Sniper
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